Smoke Rings

The biggest factor in blowing good smoke rings is practice. With that in mind, Try this technique. First, you need a cigar with dense smoke, and a place with still air. Don’t waste your time trying to blow smoke rings in a breeze! Draw a thick puff of smoke into your mouth. Hold it there and open your mouth slowly. Make an “O” with your mouth, (maybe more of a rounded “oh”) – definitely not a pucker like a kiss. Curl the tip of your tongue down, and pull your tongue all the way back. Now, when blowing a ring, you’re actually not exhaling. You’re just pushing out the smoke in your mouth with your tongue in short bursts – like a piston, only in a relaxed way. It’s actually a really gentle motion. Push forward with your tongue, with perhaps a slight recoil at the bottom. Keep at it – it’s like riding a bicycle… Once you “get it” you’ll wonder what the problem was!

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